Traveling can be a stressful event, but it doesn’t need to be. Learning how to organize your travel to make it run like a well-oiled machine can make a huge difference. It can save time, money, and save you a whole lot of stress. Use these tips to make your trip easier, so you can concentrate on having fun knowing everything is taken care of. 

Pack Essentials In Your Carry On

If your luggage gets lost (and at some point it will) you can still relax knowing you have the basic essentials you need. Pack small toiletries, a change of clothes, and some spending money. If your bags don’t end up at the airport at the same you do, you’ll at least have something to get by on without having to find it at the airport or on your way to your hotel. 

Know Your Hotel’s Information

Print out the hotel’s address and phone number and put it in several places. Keep one on you at all times, especially if you don’t speak the local language. Keep another in your suitcase and a spare in another location in case one is lost. 

Save Your Boarding Pass

Occasionally airlines will forget or overlook the miles you’ve recently earned. Without proof, you might not get those miles you bought and earned. Instead of tossing your boarding pass in the trash immediately after your flight, keep them to use as proof just in case your airlines doesn’t credit you your deserved miles. 

Make Your Luggage Unique

Once you get off of a flight and stand at the carousel, you might not realize just how many people have your exact bag. Mark your bags with a brightly colored item to make it stand out. This will prevent you having to grab multiple bags in hopes that it’s yours and it will keep someone else from going home with your luggage. 

Learn Language Basics

When traveling to a country that does not natively speak your language, it’s respectful and makes your trip much easier if you learn a few basic phrases. Knowing phrases that help you find the bathroom, restaurants, a hospital, and the airport can greatly ease your stress. Plus it gives your trip an added level of comfort knowing you can communicate effectively.