Food from around the world is a delicious cultural experience. From country to country, their cuisine thrives off tradition. Most have never en heard of some of the spices they use to create the most magnificent dishes. For those who love trying new foods, there are amazing places to travel to:

Mendoza, Argentina

Beautiful land with incredible food, Argentina is a wonderful place to travel. The city of Mendoza is known for its impeccable wines and is the perfect place for foodies to try new foods. Their wineries in the region deliver a truly amazing culinary experience by serving impressive multi-course wine lunches from their winery restaurants. Not only do they serve amazing foods, but they also have breathtaking views of the Andes as you wine and dine.

Manila, Philippines

Head to the streets of Manila for the ultimate food experience. This is a major street food mecca everyone who loves food should try. With an array of specialties and venders, it’s impossible to try it all but you will surely want to. There are also traditional cuisines served off the islands of the Philippines that are worth a day trip. With tradition oozing out of every bite, it’s hard not to feel like paradise. 

Mumbai, India

Indian food has become a staple for American takeout, but it nothing like the real thing. The traditional dishes found in Mumbai are more than worth the trip. This is also a city known for its street food. There are thousands of food stall cooks chop, spice, grill and fry to feed the ever-growing population. Foodies will want to dig into Mumbai’s most famous street food chaat which is a spicy, crispy and tangy dish with fried noodles, pulses, onions, coriander, and chilies, seasoned with chaat masala spice mix. 

Venice, Italy

It wouldn’t be a foodie travel list without mentioning Italy. Venice, Italy is home to the greatest wines and most delicious foods. With recipes passed down from generation over hundreds, if not thousands, or years, Italians know good cuisine. When stepping off the main streets of this beautiful city, foodies will find amazing and underrated seafood. They will especially want to try a bellini which is a cocktail of prosecco and peach purée is a traditional dish created in the city itself.