Parents often wonder how they can teach their kids strength. There are many ways to teach mental strength, but most children will learn it over time. Mental strength is something that helps people learn how to properly think, feel, and act. It may surprise you to learn that your child may already have many strong traits that they can teach adults about.


Children roll with the punches. They can adapt to change like almost immediately. Mentally strong kids know change is scary, but they are able to dive right in. They’re open to talking about their feelings so they can move seamlessly into their new surroundings.


Empowered kids don’t let other people control their emotions. They choose to rise above the negativity in the world. They don’t let the world get them down. They don’t listen to the negative voices, but instead tell themselves that they are confident and good people.

Failure is Okay

Mentally strong children know they are going to fail. They also know that they have to get back up and try again. They understand successful people fail as well. They can teach adults that it’s okay to feel down if you’ve failed. The secret is to get back up and face life once more.

It’s Okay to Say No

It’s tough to say no as it’s often easier to please everyone. When children say no, they realize it is making them stronger. The feeling isn’t foreign to them and they have the courage to do it again. They know that if they aren’t doing things that make them happy, life isn’t worth it. They help others realize that you can say no without having a reason. Mentally strong kids know that it’s important to be happy, and sometimes, you have to say no in order to do this.

Owning Up

Some children hide their mistakes for fear of getting in trouble. Mentally strong children own up to these mistakes because they know it is the right thing to do. Children often want to be like superheroes who mess up, but live to tell about it. They apologize even though they know it’s wrong. They try to make it up to you by doing the right thing. They understand everyone is going to mess up. They just need to clean up their own mess.