For all of those travelers or dreamers in search of some inspiration, here are a few of the best travel reads that are certain to fuel your wanderlust:

The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo

In The Alchemist, a shepherd boy who dreams of traveling the world goes on a quest to find a beautiful treasure. Traveling from Spain through the markets of North Africa and eventually into the Egyptian desert, the boy eventually encounters the alchemist. Through his unforgettable journey, he learns more than he could have imagined – about love, following his heart and the meaning of life.

The Beach, Alex Garland

Taking place in Thailand, The Beach takes readers on a young backpacker’s search for an idyllic, isolated beach. Many travelers can relate to his desire to find a place that is untouched by tourists. He soon discovers that this paradise is less than perfect.

On the Road, Jack Kerouac

In this 1957 classic, Kerouac tells a story based on his own travels across the United States. Leaving from New York, Sal heads west finding himself making new friends and having new adventures along the way. Ultimately, his experiences allow him to become a stronger and more confident person. An influential book defining the counterculture generation, readers can connect with his desire to experience the world.

How Not to Travel the World, Lauren Juliff

This story recounts the experiences of Lauren, a first-time solo traveler who decides to travel the world in attempts at healing herself. Unfortunately, Lauren finds herself running into nothing but bad luck and near-death experiences. Ultimately, this entertaining story inspires readers to face their fears and follow their dreams.

Travel as Transformation, Gregory V. Diehl

Leaving California at age 18, Diehl spent ten years living abroad and working in 45 different countries. His experiences ranged from teaching in the middle east to growing chocolate with indigenous peoples of Central America. In his story, he inspires readers to question how their identity is shaped by their culture and their lifestyle – and show them how travel can transform not only their perceptions of the world but also of themselves.

Through all of these unique stories, readers will find themselves enchanted by the characters’ unforgettable journeys and the lessons learned along the way.