People listen to music for different reasons. Whether it is for motivation, to reduce stress, or just for pure enjoyment, music is an important part of many peoples lives. We all have our favorite jams that we hold close to us. Some take us back to special moments in our life, and others provide us with inspiration. This new year, take some time to discover new artists to add to your playlist. You might find some new favorite songs, and it is an excellent opportunity to take a break from the songs you’ve had on repeat all month. Here are just a few new and upcoming artists worth checking out:


Feeling tired of pop music on top 10 radio, but not of pop music? Dagny, a Norwegian pop singer is here with fresh tracks for your windows-down car ride singalongs. Having already opened for the likes of Elton John and Sting and named to VEVO dscvr’s “Ones to Watch” list, the windows-down car ride singalong anthems aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Phoebe Bridgers

This crooning folk-rock songstress solidified her place in the indie world when her heart-wrenching 2017 singles “Smoke Signals” and “Motion Sickness” began climbing the charts. Shortly after, her tour dates started selling out. Thankfully, Bridgers has out an entire album now, so if you’re to let out a few tears, she’s got just the collection for you.

Kodie Shane

In a guy-dominated scene, 19-year-old Atlanta native Kodie Shane is insisting the spotlight turn towards her (a demand that isn’t hard to grant once one hears just one of Shane’s infectious hip-hop tracks). Shane unapologetically raps over hard-hitting beats tackling issues like rape culture in her song “Invitation” and young love in the wavy swagger of “Sing to Her.”


Imagine an art museum of boldly-hued, blob-like sculptures rising up and interrupting the floor and you’ll start to have at least a visual idea of the sound engineering SOPHIE –a Scottish singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ– creates. From producing artists like Charli XCX and Vince Staples to collaborating with Cashmere Cat, SOPHIE’s talent and innovation can only grow in notoriety. With a sound that is industrial, metallic, kinetic, and 100% dance-worthy, SOPHIE has found distinct support within the LGBTQIA music scene with underground dance bangers such as “LEMONADE.”

The Regrettes

Missing the angsty guitar-blasting groups of 90s alternative? Look no further than The Regrettes, a four-piece band serving up punky, garage pop, ’60s doo-wop, and riot grrrl-inspired sounds. While the band was still cruising through adolescence at the time of their first album release, they have since opened for well-known alternative acts like Tacocat, Sleigh Bells, and Kate Nash. They have played at Coachella and even contributed to one of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamildrop mixtapes. Their youthful sound rings of nostalgic late nights, trips to the beach, and rebellion. Give them a listen; you won’t regret it.