A good story can be motivating, insightful, and entertaining. Whether you are a frequent traveler or are simply dreaming of your next getaway, listening to a travel podcast can be an excellent escape from reality. Travel podcasts are a great way to learn about others experiences near and far and can provide helpful tips and advice for travel. Learn about new cultures, visualize exotic locations, and laugh at the mistakes and lessons others have learned along their travels. Below are four great podcasts to listen to that will fuel your knack for adventure and bring out your inner explorer.

National Geographic Weekend

The same publication that has brought us fascinating stories, news, and images from all over the world now also has quite a selection of enjoyable podcasts. Both educational and inspiring, National Geographic provides listeners with a well-rounded experience covering topics in science, exploration, and culture.

Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves has an assorted knowledge of travel experience that he thankfully shares with the rest of the world. His expert guides and experience traveling to destinations in several countries allows him to provide listeners with helpful tips and advice for their next trip. Rick is also a writer and has a selection of audio tours worth giving a listen as well. Because he is quite well known, Rick often has special guests on his podcasts for interviews to provide an insiders look at location and cultures around the globe.


An award-winning podcast produced by Southern Foodways Alliance, Gravy is an exceptional podcast that speaks about the American South through food. While not directly related to travel, food is often a major component of culture. Gravy allows listeners to learn how food has shaped and continues to shape different regions in the south.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

For those looking to travel on a tight budget, Extra Pack of Peanuts is the perfect podcast for you. Travel experts Travis and Heather share their tips for traveling at a low cost and scoring the best deals. They often host guests on their show to provide helpful hints on getting around on an affordable budget and have loads of stories and advice from their travels around the globe. Make your dreams a reality and learn how you too can plan the vacation of your dreams!